Increasing conversion, reducing churn and supporting data driven decisions are fundamentally important to the long term success of any subscription-based website, SaaS or otherwise—and perhaps any website that sells something to a customer.

Defining these terms from the perspective of SaaS is simple.

Conversion represents people who visit your website and sign up for a trial or who signed up for a trial who eventually become paying customers.

Churn represents people who left your website without signing up for a trial or who signed up for a trial but didn't become customers.

Making data driven decisions simply means validating your ideas or assumptions with data instead of making guesses and hoping they're accurate.

For an e-commerce business the definitions might be slightly different since they don't typically deal with trial periods. Someone visits your site and bounces or converts—although there is still the possibility they were window shopping and will still buy later. Like SaaS, there is the possibility for repeat business although it's not built in.

Start by assessing your current situation.

You can't create an effective strategy if you don't have the data to make decisions and measure your results because you can't hit a target you can't see.

What are your current bounce, conversion and churn rates?

How many people sign up for a free trial and never log in?

How many people log in once and never come back?

How many people bounce before finishing your new user tour?

What are the most important steps for customer success?

How many new users are completing these steps?

Are any browser errors occurring that might harm user experience?



Data Driven Decisions