Building cloud or SaaS apps involves a lot of guesswork, especially in the early stages of proving an idea and refining that idea as customers come onboard. As designers and developers it's crucial that we leverage data to make informed decisions and minimize guesswork whenever possible!

UserSignals can provide an enormous amount of data about how users and groups or segments of users are interacting with your website--as well as visually track overall user activity over time to measure the impact of changes and campaigns on daily and total user activity.

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know and that's why our default approach is to collect as much user activity data as possible, automatically calculating as many insights as we can and enabling you to extract any data you might need to perform additional adhoc analysis when questions about user behavior arise.

By tracking every page a user visits plus how they interact with elements on the page we can understand how people are or are not using our app, which buttons or components get clicked on and which ones don't--as well as any unexpected errors that occur. Without analyzing and aggregating user activity there is a huge blank space regarding what exactly each user did and what their experience was, losing signals and cues that can inform and influence their experience, retention or churn.

Now that we are using UserSignals for several of our projects it's hard to imagine not having something in place to collect this type of data to facilitate data driven decisions, validate theories and understand which capabilities are being used.

The data we collect in UserSignals makes it easy to answer simple and complex questions about our users such as:

  • Did user activity increase, decrease or stay the same after the recent major update?
  • Which users are experiencing unsatisfactory page load times and what devices/browsers are they using?
  • Which users are experience browser errors during onboarding that could prevent them from advancing?
  • Which users are regularly using our marketplace and which ones aren't?
  • How has the recent marketing campaign affected new signups? How are they using the website?
  • Which behaviors or events influence user retention and conversion, negatively or positively?
  • What are the first steps new users are taking after signing up?
  • Which users have only viewed a handful of pages before leaving and what might have influenced that?