Is UserSignals The Mixpanel Alternative You're Looking For?

We sure hope so! We're a small, scrappy team who are just getting started and we're keen on making sure that your in-app user analytics efforts are a smashing success and that you can not only collect the data you need but act on it in a way that moves your business closer toward your objectives.

But enough about us—let's get on with the shoot-out!


At UserSignals we wanted pricing to be simple and predictable so our pricing is based on the number of unique users you track. Pricing starts at $50/month for tracking 1000 users or $100/month for tracking 2500 users. Users above 10000 are billed at $0.05/user.

Mixpanel uses a pricing model based on number of users and number of data points, where a data point is defined as any event you track. Pricing starts at $300/month (50k users via People Plan and 1M monthly data points via Engagement Plan.) It's not clear how overages are billed.


UserSignals uses a 'track everything' approach so that you don't have to define specific things you want to capture and can retroactively analyze user activity. Mixpanel has previously offered an autotrack capability but at the time of this article is not currently offering this service.


After adding UserSignals to your website we will start automatically collecting user activity including events like pageviews, errors, clicks and form submissions. You can disable tracking capabilities that you don't want to use.

After adding Mixpanel to your website you will need to manually add tracking within your app for each event that you want to track and manually register each of your users.

Data Retention

UserSignals' standard data retention period is 3 months and can be extended by request. Mixpanel's standard data retention period is 12 months and up to 10 years for their enterprise plan.

Error Tracking

UserSignals automatically captures browser errors and correlates them with the page where they occurred. Tracking browser errors in Mixpanel requires that you manually capture the error and push it to Mixpanel as a custom event.


At UserSignals we are building a rules engine that will allow you to conditionally react to incoming events with a pre-defined action such as sending an email. Mixpanel also supports event-triggered email, SMS, push and Webhooks messages.

Identity & Tagging

Both UserSignals and Mixpanel include the ability to associate identity information like name and email with a particular user ID as well as tagging events with custom data points.


Both UserSignals and Mixpanel support creating funnels for visualizing how your users flow through a series of events and both can update funnels retroactively using all of the historical data you've collected.


Both UserSignals and Mixpanel support the ability to create lists or segments of users who meet predefined criteria. UserSignals includes an assortment of pre-defined segments right out of the box and we're adding new ones all the time.


Both UserSignals and Mixpanel support the ability to define custom events. By default, UserSignals automatically collects many events and data points while you need to manually define each event that you want to track in Mixpanel.


Any data that you have collected in UserSignals can be exported at any time. We are also planning to support scheduled exports that will automatically deliver an export file to a location you specify.

Mixpanel's website lists options to export raw/JSON data (startup plan) as well as export CSV data (enterprise plan) on their website.

Native/Mobile Apps

While UserSignals can track events in native mobile apps (or even desktop apps), this requires you to POST directly to our RESTful API. Mixpanel offers several native SDKs that may streamline this process.


UserSignals does not currently offer any APIs for integration or data retrieval although several are in early development. Mixpanel appears to support several options for programmatically using your data.

Realtime Data

Both UserSignals and Mixpanel collect and display data in realtime or near realtime across all plans whereas data collected by Google Analytics can take up to 24 hours.

Customer Success

Both UserSignals and Mixpanel offer standard support but UserSignals includes integration assistance and access to our customer success team as part of standard support while these are only available in Mixpanel's enterprise plan.

If you need help with this in any way, we've got your back.

Wrap Up

Both UserSignals and Mixpanel are capable user/event analytics platforms and we're pleased with how UserSignals stacks up against Mixpanel. We are very excited about some of what's on our roadmap for the next 12 months and are focused heavily on making user analytics more intuitive, accessible, powerful and as close to turnkey as possible.

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