Sales and marketing efforts don't end when a customer signs up. It's just the beginning. Customer experience and customer success are closely linked with the long-term success of salespeople and marketers. If customers aren't buying, engaging and renewing then we're out of jobs and our businesses collapse.

UserSignals provides us with the ability to follow every user's journey through our products in realtime. This information can empower every group within the organization to deliver a brilliant customer experience that influences conversion, retention and word of mouth.

Does it make sense to reach out to each user individually and tailor our outreach to them based on their journey thus far? Absolutely. We should do everything in our power to guide customers to success because this facilitates our own success.

It's more work, certainly. Strategies have to be established for how to effectively use this data within your organization. It means that any auto-pilot approach goes out the window but it also means that you get to have one on one conversations with individuals and deeply understand what their journey is like using your product.

The knowledge and feedback you'll gain is invaluable. You'll come to understand exactly where people get stuck or confused. You'll find out which parts of the app get used and which ones don't. You'll uncover show-stopping bugs that happen in the wild under certain circumstances. You'll be able to shape your messages so that you give Apple-specific info to Apple people and Android-specific info to Android people.

At Kahuti I lost track of how many times I sent messages like "if you're on an iPhone do this, if you're on Android do this" or much, much worse, "are you comfortable opening the browser console to see if any errors are being reported?"

In the world of software as a service, every customer matters and closing or retaining an additional 10 customers per month adds up fast, especially during the early stages when every dollar of revenue is literally a drop of your lifeblood.

We believe that being able to see every step of every customer's journey goes a long way to support our sales and marketing efforts and help us to deliver a better, smarter customer experience. As salespeople and marketers it's our job to make sure our customers experience the vision we've sold them on.