What Sort Of Questions Can UserSignals Help You Answer?

UserSignals is designed to help you collect and analyze data about your users to make informed business decisions. There are some of the most common questions we help businesses answer about their users.

We believe in data driven decisions and our goal is to enable our customers to collect and analyze the data they need to answer the questions that are important to them. If there's a specific user activity question you're struggling to answer, please reach out!

  • What the heck are my users doing or not doing in-app?!
  • Which users signed up but never signed in?
  • Which users signed in once and never came back?
  • Are any user experience breaking browser errors occurring?
  • Which users have or haven't accomplished key objectives?
  • Which subscribers are at risk for churn?
  • Which users have or haven't explored the new feature?
  • How can I track how users move through a series of steps?
  • How can I track how real world events influence user activity?
  • Which elements on a page are people clicking on?
  • Which users were seen for the first time in the past 7 days?
  • Which users were or were not active in the past 1/7/30 days?
  • Which users are highly engaged?
  • How can I track users originating from a particular campaign?
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